What does it mean to be a ‘world class’ legal team?

The GC Futures Summit has kicked off in London today, and speakers aren’t shying away from the tough questions.

Catchphrases like ‘innovative’, ‘diverse’ and ‘world class’ are easy to throw around, but what do they actually mean? This was the question posed to delegates by Telstra general counsel Carmel Mulhern at the opening of this year’s GC Futures Summit in London today…continue reading

A new Super GC is emerging, the company, one who knows the business and is not simply involved in legal operations. As the number of these GCs increase, they are becoming increasingly confident of their position and aspirational in their ambitions. The GC Futures Summit 2016 looked at how these top performers run their departments as well as become highly influential in the business.

With management at the heart of running a law department, what improvements can be made? Is technology key to efficiencies and how can outsourcing contribute to delivery?

Topics included change management, business transformation, GCs as business leaders, the future of law departments, the impact of technology including AI and robotics, legal service providers, In-house as value creating entities, shifting and complex business and regulatory environments, the ‘doing more for less’ model, GCs as CEO, and more.

More than 120 General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Corporate Counsel leaders as well as leaders in private practice attended GC Futures Summit on November 1st. Our delegates came from Credit Suisse, Santander, Lloyds Bank, Misys, Genus, to name a few. Click here to see our delegate list.

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