Emerging technologies are changing the way companies do business, the workplace and how they operate. Companies are dealing with a range of new issues and their legal implications – from technology and the workplace to the latest issues around the Internet of Things; from blockchain to biometrics, from robotics to automation. The power of big data and the challenges of harnessing it are also of critical importance to companies, from doing business to protecting their information. With security and reputation issues encircling all of these, the challenges for legal advisors are evident.

How can law departments and their legal advisors prepare for the changes and challenges of a disruptive world – with technology at its core? How do you ensure technology drives, not destroys, your company? How do you lead the charge whilst ensuring that the company is complying with all appropriate laws?

In association with the Global Legal Post and the Robotics Law Journal, the event will look at the key developments which companies are facing. From retail technology such as electronic payments to industry issues such as the impact of robotics and automation on jobs, legal advisors are looking at a range of new legal challenges.

From workplace to customer, what is the impact of disruptive technologies? Just some of the issues which will be covered include:

  • New Technology – from Artificial intelligence, wearables, virtual reality to the Internet of Things
  • The world of robotics law and automation – an overview
  • Using robo-advisors and the legal challenges
  • Drone technology and reshaping the law
  • Driverless cars – the legal implications
  • The world of electronic payments
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data
  • Reputation challenges
  • Compliance and risk

The event will look at driving innovation, future-proofing the legal department and managing risk, compliance and regulation with the spotlight on GDPR.

More than 120 General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Corporate Counsel leaders as well as leaders in private practice attended GC Futures Summit in November 2016. Delegates came from Credit Suisse, Santander, Lloyds Bank, Misys, Genus, to name a few. Click here to see the full delegate list.

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