Emerging technologies are changing the way companies do business, the workplace and how they operate. Companies are dealing with a range of new issues and their legal implications – from technology and the workplace to the power of big data and the challenges of harnessing it. With security and reputation issues encircling all of these, the challenges for legal advisers are evident.

How can law departments prepare for the changes and challenges of a disruptive world – with technology at its core? How do you ensure that you are an influencer in your company and where does personal brand fit in? How can you ensure in a fast-changing world that the company and board are protected from regulatory challenges? And how do you ensure technology drives, not destroys, your company? The event will look at driving innovation, future-proofing the legal department and managing risk, compliance, and regulation with the spotlight on GDPR. From leadership to industry issues, from technology to data and security issues, the GC Futures Summit 2017 covered the latest challenges impacting law departments and their advisers.

Some of the issues covered at the Summit included:

• Law Department 2030 – The vision, the technology, the operation
• Driving growth in an era of uncertainty
• Regulation, risk, and compliance: Be prepared
• Innovation and disruption – succeeding in complex environments
• Leveraging metrics to prove your worth
• Corporate cultural transformation and the role of the legal department
• Fighting the spread of reputational harm in the digital age
• The innovation challenge – Releasing your inner creative
• Get ready for GDPR
• Cybersecurity
• Big Data
• Reputation challenges
• Plus LegalCheck – including what’s on the horizon in Europe; Dealing with investigations; Competition challenges and Brexit