Phil Auld is the Head of Legal for Digital and Specialist Commercial at Lloyds Banking Group. He is a senior corporate and commercial lawyer who has specialised in the technology sector throughout his 18 year legal career. He and his team support the digital transformation of Lloyds Banking Group, looking at data privacy issues, ecommerce solutions, app developments, digital payment solutions, authentication systems and similar digital developments and opportunities.

Phil has been at Lloyds Banking Group for over 2 years and was previously Lead Counsel for Consumer and Wholesale at Vodafone for over 7 years. Prior to Vodafone, Phil worked at Virgin Mobile where he was Solicitor and Company Secretary, and in private practice, where he supported the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector.

Phil has a keen interest in how technology is changing the legal profession and heads the Lloyds Banking Group Legal Tech Forum which evaluates the legal technology which is required and available to the Group. He has a keen interest in understanding how the technology works and has built several commercial websites